Is Floyd Mayweather Dating His ‘Massage Therapist’? (Gallery)

doralie medina (floyd mayweather girlfriend)

Does Floyd “Money” Mayweather have himself a new girlfriend? Has he finally moved on from ex-fiancée Shantal Jackson? The internet seems to think so.

The rumors began swirling on Monday night with a one-two punch on social media. First, Floyd told his Instagram followers to check out his “massage therapist,” Doralie Medina (@badmedina). Then, not long after that, Doralie posted this on the Twitters:

floyd mayweather girlfriend tweet

Now, you certainly can’t assume that these two are in a relationship the way normal people are in relationships. She’s obviously a member of “The Money Team,” and she’s obviously “close” to him—by which I mean, they’re almost certainly getting busy. But you have to keep in mind Floyd’s unique dating philosophy, which is “I will nail whoever I want, whenever I want, and if you want to be by girl you have to deal with that.” This always makes it really hard to tell whether a woman he is “dating” is actually his girlfriend or just one of the many women keeps around to help him satisfy his manly urges.

I will say, however, that judging by her photos and comments on Instagram, it certainly seems like Doralie wants to be his official girlfriend.

Let’s just hope she realizes that Floyd tends to bring his work home with him—by which I mean he beats women. It would be a shame if he turned up on TMZ black and blue one day.


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