Hero Cat Threw Out the First Pitch at Last Night’s Bakersfield Blaze Game (Video)

Hero Cat First Pitch

Hero Cat, the unimaginatively-named cat that, last week, was filmed saving a child from an attacking dog, has already started riding the inevitable PR wave that swallowed the likes of Star Wars Kid, “Leave Britney Alone” Guy, and Chocolate Rain.

We had discussed the Hero Cat first pitch earlier, and now…it’s happened.

Here’s the video that everyone was talking about three days ago:

Yesterday, in what must have been a very desperate situation on all sides, Hero Cat (capitalized out of respect) threw out the first pitch at a Bakersfield Blaze game.

How exactly does a cat throw out a first pitch? With some string, some help from its owner, and a heaping pile of awkwardness.

Check it out:

Also tossing out an additional, not one, but two first pitches (I’m learning right now that it’s possible to have three first pitches in a game?) was Jeremy, the young boy who Hero Cat (real name: Tara) saved. He tossed out one with each hand, because kids are goofy like that.

All in all, a banner moment in the fourteen days of fame afforded to both Tara and Jeremy, who will undoubtedly be reunited for The Surreal Life in five years.  But until then, I’m sure they’ve been given enough coverage to tide us over.


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