Indians Pitcher Corey Kluber Showered With Seeds, Baby Powder, and More During Interview, But Doesn’t Flinch (Video)

corey kluber interview

The Cleveland Indians have this little thing they like to do with their starting pitchers after they pitch a particularly good game.

The next day they have the pitcher do an interview with the Fox Sports Ohio broadcasters, and during that interview they shower said pitcher with sunflower seeds, baby powder, water, and pretty much everything else they have sitting around the dugout. Then that pitcher has to maintain a straight face and not let on to the hijinks, or else he gets duck taped upside down in his locker and flogged with wet towels after the game.

Or at least, I assume he gets duck taped upside down and flogged. I don’t really know for sure. That’s just what I would do.

I’m 100% sure about the interview part, though. Last year the Indians did it to Justin Masterson, and on Tuesday night, after a strong seven-inning outing against the Detroit Tigers the night before, they did it to Corey Kluber. And just like Masterson, Kluber didn’t even crack a smile.

Here’s video of the entire interview:

And here is the abridged GIF version:

corey kluber poker face

corey kluber poker face

corey kluber poker face

Obviously, if you ever find yourself in a poker game with the Cleveland Indians pitching staff, be very, very careful. They’ll take you for everything you’ve got.

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