Miguel Cabrera and Brad Ausmus Both Got Ejected After Arguing a Check-Swing Call (Video)

Ausmus Cabrera

Tigers manager Brad Ausmus isn’t the type of guy who gets ejected from games, so one would expect that it would require a pretty special reason for him to get out and kick some dirt.

I guess defending two-time MVP Miguel Cabrera, who was arguing a check-swing strike, was a good enough reason.

Cabrera, shocked to learn a strike had been called, whipped around to argue with umpire Tim Timmons. No sooner did he do that then he was kicked out of the game. And when Ausmus found his way out there, it was sort of a fulfilling prophecy that he too would get the boot.

Here’s the video:

And here’s a GIF that suggests they were both wrong in their argument:

It’s comical how quick the ump was to toss both parties. He must be related to Joey Crawford.

Ausmus had never been tossed before, and it was Cabrera’s sixth time.  Brad, you stay away from that Miguel Cabrera. He’s a bad kid and he’ll get you in trouble.


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