Minnesota Representatives Awkwardly Celebrate 2018 Super Bowl Host Status (Video)

Minneapolis Super Bowl Hosting Committee

Nobody thought that Minneapolis, Minnesota would edge out the other nominees (Indianapolis and Detroit) for the honor of hosting the Super Bowl in 2018. That’s largely because of the city’s notoriously chilly winters, but that apparently didn’t phase the people who make these decisions, because they awarded it to Minneapolis anyway.

While you might not particularly care where the Super Bowl is going to be almost four years into the future, you might still be interested in how the Minneapolis Super Bowl Hosting Committee reacted to the announcement—with all the awkwardness that a bunch of rich people in a room can muster, and then some.

Poorly timed high fives, weird yelling, and at least one instance of “son of a gun!”  It’s all there for you to enjoy and celebrate along with Minnesota’s happiest boardroom—which can be done by watching the short video of the announcement below.

Congratulations, rich Minnesotan people:



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