MMA Fighter Taps Out Because His Opponent Was Taking Too Much of a Beating (Video)

MMA Tapout

Chalk one up for the good guys here.

An amateur MMA fighter who was pummeling his opponent knew that the only way the other guy was gonna quit was if he ended up in the hospital.  So Mike Pantangco did the noble thing and tapped out himself, giving his opponent the win.

A pretty magnanimous gesture, and one that, ironically, will probably give him far more press than the victory would have.

His rationale was that they were both amateur fighters and there was no extra money at stake for winning, so let’s not have someone die over this fight. It’s all very logical and civil, yet completely unexpected in the world of prizefighting, where pride and instinct are as large a motivator as money.

Here’s a video that recaps the match on an MMA studio show:

Decency’s not dead. Though, in the world of fighting, it often takes a bunch of naps.  So it’s not your fault for thinking it is.


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