Pacers Fans Chanted ‘He’s a Flopper!’ at LeBron James (Video)

lebron he's a flopper pacers chant

Listen everybody, you may want to sit down. What I’m about to tell you might come as quite a shock.

Last night, during Game 2 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals between the Pacers and Heat, LeBron James, the greatest basketball player on earth, flopped to draw a foul.

Go ahead. Pick your chin up off the table. It’s true. With the Heat up 32-31 late in the first half, Indiana power forward David West just barely got in LeBron’s way and just barely missed setting his feat in time to make it a legit pick. However, just to make absolutely sure the refs called the foul, LeBron crashed into West and threw his head back like he’d just crashed into a brick wall. Then, obviously, he fell to the ground.

Pacers fans? Yeah, they let the King hear all about it:

Oh, and if you’re having a little deja vu right now, there’s a reason for that. The Pacers fans were all over LeBron for his flopping in last year’s Eastern Conference Finals, too.


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