Streetball Stars “Hot Sauce” and “Baby LeBron” Annihilate Defender With Crazy Alley-Oop (Video)

Hot Sauce

Have you heard of Hot Sauce?

If you’re a fan of Harlem Globetrotter-esque basketball stunts and tricks, then you should know about Hot Sauce. The man can control a ball like it’s on a string, as this video demonstrates.

Here, we see Hot Sauce teeing up against a guy that might as well be wearing a Washington Generals jersey and a neon flashing “PATSY.”

First, Hot Sauce tosses out some moves that would make Tim Hardaway jealous.  They he toys with the defender some more, before capping it off by throwing up an alley-oop for the history books.

The recipient of that alley-oop? A gentleman by the name of Baby LeBron. Yeah, not the first name I would have picked either. Oh well. As long as he’s happy.

Take a look at the public shaming in the full video:

Now, when you pick your jaw up off the floor, allow it to fall back down when you imagine how many turnovers Hot Sauce would be responsible for if he played in the NBA.

I’m guessing all of them. Every turnover in the whole league would be Hot Sauce’s fault.


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