Yasiel Puig and Fat Joe Teach New Yorkers How to Do the Yasiel Puig Bat Flip (Video)

yasiel puig and fat joe bat flip

As you may know, Yasiel Puig, the exuberant right fielder of the Los Angeles Dodgers, likes to celebrate home runs (and sometimes triples) by flipping his bat and trotting out of the batters box.

Of course, this being baseball, to some people this is a desecration of the game and a full-scale assault on all decency and morality. One simply does not show up the pitcher!

To others, though, baseball is just a game, which is supposed to be fun. And these people don’t mind the bat flip. In fact, some of them find it endearing. So that’s probably the demographic to whom the producers of MLB Fan Cave and MTV2’s Off the Bat were appealing when they sent Fat Joe to Central Park with Yasiel Puig to teach random New Yorkers (and a few tourists) how to do the Puig celebratory bat flip.

Apparently it’s a lot harder than it looks. And no, Yasiel still has not learned any English.

PS, how much did you just want that guy in the green shirt to shut up?


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