Callaway Contest Winner Will Receive Whatever Phil Mickelson Earns at U.S. Open

Mickelson Pointing

One lucky contest winner is about to become Phil Mickelson‘s biggest fan.

Callaway, the golf club manufacturer best known for their colorfully-named Big Bertha, took another memorable step in their marketing when they revealed their “Big Big Bertha Payday” promotion, which will allow the winner to take home whatever Mickelson earns at this year’s U.S. Open at Pinehurst.

Should Mickelson take home the trophy (the U.S. Open has a trophy, right?), one lucky person will net $1.5 million. That amount of money would even get me to cheer for Phil.

To register for the drawing, sadly, you can’t just go online and fill out a couple of blanks. You have to demo some Callaway clubs, and you will then be given a code that is submitted into the drawing. In other words, you’ll have to leave the house to enter the contest (cue sad trombone).

This isn’t the first time Mickelson has been at the center of a wacky promotion. A few years back in 2010, Goldsmith offered a full refund for anyone who bought one of their clubs if Mickelson won the Masters.  He did, and the company waved goodbye to about $1 million in payouts.

So….go Phil!

Hat Tip – [ESPN]


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