Charles Barkley Doubles (Triples? Quadruples?) Down on Feud with San Antonio Fans (Video)

charles barkley feud san antonio

I’ve never pegged Charles Barkley as an astute student of human nature. However, I must admit the guy knows exactly what he’s doing with this whole San Antonio feud, and he has the fans right in the palm of his big, barbecue sauce-scented hand.

The guy has taken the insensitive remarks he made about the women of San Antonio and turned it into an all-out feud with the entire city. This whole thing started with some insensitive jokes about how all the women in San Antonio are overweight, but since then he’s deflected attention from that by feuding with the entire city.

It’s a pretty novel approach to spin control. Instead of filling the hole he dug for himself back up, he dug it deeper and wider. Last week he refused to apologize to San Antonians and only egged them on more. Last night he was at it again.

Take a look:

All in all, I’d say poor Danny Green handled himself quite well in what was a pretty awkward situation.

As for Chuck’s threats, I think what he really meant was he’d call his bodyguard over to “beat they ass down.” That seems to be his modus operandi.


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