If You’re Smart Enough To Be On ‘Jeopardy’, You’re Smart Enough To Know That Johnny Manziel Didn’t Attend Alabama (Video)

Jeopardy Answer

This is an example of what we would call “book smart.”

Apparently, Johnny Manziel‘s alma mater is such common knowledge that it only ranks as a $400 question.

Nonetheless, Lil’ Ms. Know-It-All took a stab and mistakenly said “Alabama.”

Take a look at the hypnotically-looping Vine right here:

Oh, Lara! Nope. You managed to get the conference correct, but that only seems to make the whole thing worse. Consequently, you’re out $400 bucks and a few shreds of dignity.

It’s commonly known that Mr. Jonathan “Football” Manziel attended Texas A&M, where he majored in autographs. Fortunately, Lara won the money back by correctly answering that William Shakespeare wrote A Tale of Two Cities, and that Phoenix is the capital of Mexico.

One day, Johnny Football will be a $1,000 question to the answer, “He was the last quarterback the Cleveland Browns picked before the team went 3-13, resulting in their fan base partaking in a mass suicide not seen since Jonestown?”

“Who is Johnny Manziel?”



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