Karate Match Ends in Knockout After Three Whole Seconds (Video)

Karate knockout

I’m not sure exactly what you would call a person that does karate.  Karate guy? Karate player? Let’s go with karate player.

Two karate players squared off in a karate-playing match in this YouTube video, only there wasn’t much karate to be played.  That’s because karate player #1 knocked out karate player #2 in three seconds, leaving some time in the video for us all to think about what just happened.

Here’s the video. Blink and you’ll miss it:

They both appear to be black belts, but on that day, one karate player’s belt was just a little blacker.

What’s as remarkable as the kick itself is the fact that everyone at the tournament is so blasé about what just happened. They’re like, “Yup. We’re karate players. We kick each other. That’s what we do. Back to the ole’ rat race.”

Come to think of it, I should have called them “martial artists,” but I wrote “karate player” WAY too many times to go back and change it.




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