Feel-Good Story: Tulane Football Gives Legally Bling Long Snapper ‘Preferred Walk-On’ Status (Video)

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There sure have been a lot of feel-good stories involving football teams in recent years. Maybe it’s because they all want to distract us from the sport’s huge concussion problem. Maybe football teams are just full of great people who want to improve the lives of others. All I know is that I like writing about this stuff a hell of a lot more than I like writing about murderers and racists.

The latest feel-good football story comes to us out of New Orleans, courtesy of the Tulane Green Wave. The coaching staff there has decided to give “preferred walk-on” status to a legally blind long snapper from Newton, Massachusetts, named Aaron Golub.

In case you’re not familiar with college football recruitment, teams designate certain players “preferred walk-on” status when they are out of scholarships but still want that player on their team. So generally speaking, as opposed to a regular walk-on player, who must try out to make the team, a preferred walk-on is pretty much assured of a roster spot.

Of course, at top programs, “preferrred walk-ons” are players that had scholarships at smaller schools but wanted a chance to play on a bigger stage. At Tulane—which is not a top program—it just means that Golub is getting rewarded for his hard work with an absolutely amazing opportunity.

This is a kid who has no vision at all in his left eye and very limited vision in his right. Nevertheless, after working with a private snapping instructor, Golub played on his high school team the past two seasons, and he did it well enough to get noticed by the Tulane coaching staff.

Now he’s got a very good chance of becoming a Division I football player.

“If you set your mind to it, you can do anything,” Golub told WBZ-TV in Boston.

Talk about an inspiration.

Hat Tip – [CollegeFootballTalk]


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