Heated Confrontations Between Rangers and Canadiens in Game 3 Could Results in a Few Suspensions (Videos)

prust hit on stepan

The big takeaway from Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals is that the Montreal Canadiens still have a pulse. They took the lead late in regulation, then gave it up even later in regulation, then won the game for good a little over a minute into overtime. Now they trail the Rangers 2-1 instead of 3-0.

Before any of the scoring, however, things got pretty ugly between these two teams. It all started with an illegal open ice hit by Montreal’s Brandon Prust on Derek Stepan. Prust got him square in the chest with his shoulder, but Stepan did not have the puck and thus was not expecting the hit.

That was more of a cheap shot than a dirty hit. A four-minute double minor for roughing and interference would have sufficed. Unfortunately, the referees didn’t even see the play, so there was no penalty. So at that point, as is so often the case, the Rangers decided to take it upon themselves to bring Prust to justice.

Three minutes later, Rangers agitator/goon Daniel Carcillo gave Prust a gentle push (no, really, it wasn’t that bad) from behind into the boards. That was unwise but, for Carcillo, pretty restrained. Immediately after that, the Rangers’ Derek Dorsett tracked Prust down and challenged him to a fight.

However, there was some confusion after that, as Carcillo got handed a penalty for charging and a game misconduct.

At first, nobody knew why the hell the referees ejected Carcillo. His hit on Prust was stupid, but not particularly dangerous or vicious.

The problem, though, came well after that. While linesman Scott Driscoll was escorting Carcillo to the sin bin, he resisted arrest a bit to much and ended up whacking the guy in the jaw with his elbow. After that, the officials conferred and decided they’d had enough of Carcillo, so they kicked him out.


Carcillo will now almost certainly face a hearing with the NHL’s chief disciplinarian Stephane Quintal. And you’d have to think, while Quintal is at it, he’ll take a look at Prust’s hit, too. Don’t be surprised if both get suspended for a game.


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