Finland’s Petri Kontiola Gives Awesomely Terrible Interview at IIHF World Championship (Video)

petri kontiola finland terrible postgame interview

You probably have no idea who Petri Kontiola is, and you may very well be unaware that the IIHF World Hockey Championships are going on right now. That doesn’t matter. You could despise hockey and you’d still enjoy this.

Finland defeated Canada 3-2 yesterday at the World Championships, so you would think Kontiola, one of their top centers, would be pretty happy to talk to a reporter. However, that was just not the case.

Oh, he stood there alright, and he let the poor woman ask her questions. But he wasn’t going to bother feigning interest or even dusting off some classic sports interview cliches. Instead, the dude answered three questions with nine words. He’s like the Gregg Popovich of hockey.

Take a look:

That is one of the worst and therefore best interviews I have ever seen. Really, it’s a model for every athlete who just doesn’t feel like putting up with bullshit. You don’t have to be a dick. Just say “I don’t know” and they’ll stop talking to you.


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