Yasiel Puig Makes Amazing Diving Catch, Gets Standing Ovation…from Mets Fans (Video)

yasiel puig amazing diving catch vs mets

We’ve done a handful of Yasiel Puig posts so far this season, but none of them have actually had anything to do with his performance on the field.

There was the one about how human traffickers almost chopped off his hand; the one about Puig hitting a home run with himself on MLB The Show; the one about Adrian Gonzalez and Juan Uribe turning him into a real life bobblehead on Yasiel Puig bobblehead day at Dodger Stadium; and the one about Puig and Fat Joe teaching New Yorkers how to do the Yasiel Puig bat flip. But we haven’t yet done a post about Puig doing something amazing on the field—which is pretty surprising, considering the dude is hitting .331/.423/.607 with 10 home runs and a WAR of 2.6, which is 5th in all of baseball.

Today that changes, though. Last night in Queens, Puig made a diving catch on a line drive by Wilmer Flores that was so good Mets fans gave him a standing ovation.

Take a look:

Come on, Puig. You can’t double up the guy at first? Where’s the effort?


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