Russian Hockey Coach Makes Throat-Slash Gesture Towards Swedish Coach, Gets Suspended (Video)

Oleg Znarok Throat Slash

When I was a kid my dad wasn’t strict about very much, but there was one thing that he felt really strongly about for some reason—never do the international sign of “I’m going to kill you,” the pantomimed throat slash, even in jest.

Maybe my dad had a point, although I doubt it’s as threatening when a 12-year-old wrestling fan does it compared to when Russian hockey coach Oleg Znarok made the gesture at the opposing team’s assistant coach during a World Championship game against Sweden on Saturday.

It happened toward the end of the semi-final game, even though Russia went on to beat the Swedes 3-1 (no reason to kill the opposing coach if you’re beating his team on the ice, after all).

Znarok was banned from his team’s gold medal match against Finland, which they won by a score of 5-2.  Here’s a statement from the IIHF (check out the whole thing here) on why both Znarok and the Swedish assistant coach Rikard Gronborg were subject to serious disciplinary action:

In the case of Znarok, he was found to be in violation in accordance with IIHF Rule 551 D)3 for making an obscene gesture to Gronborg.

Coach Gronborg was found to be in violation of Rule 551 D)2 which states that: Any team official who makes a travesty of, or is detrimental to the conduct of the game shall be assessed a match penalty. Gronborg, Sweden’s assistant coach, was suspended for making, according to the IIHF Rulebook “a travesty of the game by conducting himself in a detrimental manner by directing foul and profane language” toward coach Znarok.

You can see the whole thing play out in the video below.

I guess my dad was right.  That is a pretty frightening thing to do to someone.




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