Colombian Soccer Fans Celebrate A Championship They Didn’t Win Thanks To Social Media

Colombia Soccer Celebration

After Atlético Nacional knocked off Junior F.C. in Colombia, it was pretty clear, as it would be in most (all?) championship games, that Nacional was the champion. However, that’s before you factor in the sublime power of denial and the uncanny rumor-creation abilities of social media.

So, following the defeat, word began to spread on social media that Atlético had made one too many subs in the match, and, at one point, had 12 players on the field.  Of course, this led Junior fans to conclude that the match victory would revert to their club, and Junior F.C. would be champions.

So, fact-checking be damned, the fans took to the streets to celebrate their team’s supposed win.

Here’s footage of the misguided party:

The fact of the matter is that those infractions were groundless, and Junior hadn’t even filed a dispute.

Nonetheless, it took a few hours to put the pieces together, and until that happened, the fans were celebrating a championship they clearly hadn’t won.

Welcome to the age of social media.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]



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