Female White Sox Fan Saves Baby From Flying Bat (GIF)

Eileen Depesa

I should probably clarify that headline.  I’m talking about a baseball bat, although the idea of a baby being saved from a giant nocturnal rat-bird at a White Sox game is pretty fun to think about.

What really happened is nice too, though.

It happened during the Memorial Day game between the White Sox and the Cleveland Indians in Chicago. Tyler Flowers of the White Sox lost control of his bat and it flew into the crowd, on a scary path towards a baby sitting behind Sox fan Eileen Depesa.  Depesa lifted up both hands but only needed one to catch the bat, much to the surrounding crowd’s delight.

Unfortunately, you don’t get a very good view of the baby in the GIF of the action below, but if you look closely you can see him, or her, after the bat is caught. As for Eileen Depesa, when asked by MLB.com about her feat, she said, “I was more concerned with protecting the baby seated behind me.”

Dextrous, agile, and laconic.  Are we sure this woman isn’t Batman?

Here’s the GIF:


Hat Tip – [Cut4]



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