Johnny Manziel’s Memorial Day Weekend Was a Lot More Fun Than Yours (Pics)

johnny manziel parties in vegas

Apparently good old Johnny Manziel didn’t see any of those Facebook posts from your aunt reminding him what Memorial Day is really about. He spent the holiday weekend in Las Vegas, and judging from the social media trail, it looks like he had a damn good time.

Of course, this “news” will probably get a rise out of the folks who say J. Football drinks and parties too much. You know, because it’s just so weird for a 21-year-old kid to drink and party too much. But it’s really not that big of a deal. All in all, things were pretty tame.

It seems as though he spent most of the day on Saturday at the exclusive Encore Beach Club at Wynn Las Vegas, hangin’ with a bunch of bros.

And of course, one of said bros was none other than Gronk.

Obviously, Manziel also stopped to pose for pictures with ridiculously hot women.

…and DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore, whose hair was in fine form. Then he took in the set from DJ Diplo…and got a picture with him. And, finally, he capped things off with ringside seats at UFC 173, courtesy of Dana White.

Johnny Football drinking a 40.

Johnny Manziel Drinking a 40 at a Las Vegas Pool Party

But don’t worry, Cleveland Browns fans. Johnny brought his Cleveland Browns playbook to Vegas with him this weekend:

It made a fantastic coaster.


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