This Mic’d Up Exchange Between P.K. Subban and Patrice Bergeron is Hilarious (Video)

Bergeron Subban

While they might not take each other out for beers after decking one another, the interaction between two bickering hockey players is pretty damn funny, as this audio/video clip demonstrates. Patrice Bergeron was wearing a microphone for the TV show Behind the B during Game 6 of the Boston Bruins’ second-round playoff series against the Montreal Canadiens, and the results are pretty glorious.

First off, here’s the video, should you want to experience it firsthand before any commentary:

Now that you’re here, you either watched the video or aren’t going to, so I have no qualms about spoiling it.

The microphone captures Bergeron complaining to P.K. Subban about Subban hitting him in the head. Subban offers a half-assed apology, claiming that he thought Bergeron was actually Brad Marchand.

That synopsis doesn’t do the exchange justice, so I would like to offer this transcript. It helps the comedy level if you read it in a whiney little kid voice.

They sell the exchange better than I ever could.

Hat Tip – [BarDown]



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