Novak Djokovic Has Some Fun with a Ball Boy During Rain Delay at French Open (Video)

Novak Djokovic having fun with ball boy during rain delay

I realize that headline sounds a little disturbing, but I assure you there is no funny business in the video you are about to see. It’s nothing but wholesome fun suitable for the whole family.

You see, yesterday’s opening round match at Roland Garros between #2 Novak Djokovic and Portugal’s Joao Sousa was briefly delayed by rain. However, as he so often does, “The Djoker,” as he is sometimes called, entertained the crowd even while he wasn’t playing tennis.

When one of the ball boys came over to hold an umbrella over his chair, Dkjokovic invited him to sit down next to him and relax. Djokovic let the ball boy hold his racket while he held the umbrella, and then he gave the kid a nice refreshing beverage while chatting him up.

Actually, even when you describe the whole thing, it still sounds kind of Michael Jacksony. I swear, though. It’s totally sweet and funny and not at all cause for alarm.

Take a look:

See? Just a nice guy being nice. I’m sure their conversation went nothing like this:



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