Vince Wilforks Dancing While Smoking Ribs Is Amazing (Videos)

vince wilfork dancing while barbecuing

While Johnny Football was off in Las Vegas partying with Rob Gronkowski this Memorial Day weekend, dancing shirtless to DJ Diplo and snapping selfies with babes, Gronk’s teammate Vince Wilfork was keeping things low key.

The 350-pound All-Pro defensive tackle is a family man, so he can’t fly off to Vegas for a weekend of debauchery. Rather, he celebrated the holiday at home in Massachusetts.

There was dancing involved, though. It’s just that, instead of house beats, Wilforks was grooving to old-school hip-hop. And instead of grinding up against hot girls, he was getting funky with…ribs.

We know all this thanks to Wilforks’ wife, Bianca, a.k.a. Instagram user @mrs75. She caught him dancing with his smoker yesterday and promptly put the videos out there for the world to enjoy.

Take a look:

Who knew cooking ribs was such great cardio?


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