50 Cent Makes Terrible First Pitch at Mets-Pirates Game (Video)

50 Cent first pitch

Like many other rappers, a big part of 50 Cent‘s recording persona is that he’s good at everything—not just rapping, but fighting, shooting, screwing, etc.  But that group of behaviors apparently doesn’t include throwing a baseball, which (truth be told) actually makes me like 50 Cent a lot more.

It happened at Citi Field in New York before Tuesday’s game between the Mets and the Pittsburgh Pirates, where some inspired individual thought 50 would make a good ceremonial first pitch-er.

The pitch went wide, flying way to the left of the plate (somewhere between home and first base), but that didn’t seem to bother either the crowd or 50 Cent, both of whom reacted to the truly terrible pitch pretty well.

To see 50 Cent’s memorably awful ceremonial first pitch from Tuesday’s Pirates-Mets game, check out the video of the pitch below. As for the perfect soundtrack accompaniment, might I suggest “Paper Plates” by GZA?




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