Brew Crew Gets Dramatic Walk-Off Pinch Hit Double…From Starting Pitcher (Video)

yovani gallardo game-winning double extra innings

In baseball, sometimes even the most logical strategies just don’t work, and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.

Just ask Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter. If you gave him a chance to go back to the bottom of the 10th inning of yesterday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers, he’d probably tell you even now that he would do the exact same thing. With two outs, the Brewers had slugger Mark Reynolds at the plate and pitcher Yovani Gallardo in the on-deck circle, ready to pinch hit for closer Francisco Rodriguez. Knowing that Reynolds could very easily end the game with one swing of the bat, Showalter decided to walk him and face Gallardo.

Now, Gallardo is a pretty a good hitter for a pitcher, which is why Milwaukee manager Ron Roenicke decided to use him there with two outs. But at .204/.232/.353 and 32 career extra base hits, he’s not good good. The odds were still in Baltimore’s favor.

So what happened next? Gallardo hit the ball deep into the left-center field gap, and Reynolds scored from first base. Brewers win the game on a walk-off pinch hit double from a starting pitcher in the bottom of the 10th.

Take a look:

This is why I love baseball: the statistical anomalies.

Better luck next time, Buck.

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