Cowboys Linebacker Sean Lee Out for the Year After Tearing ACL on Day One of OTAs (Video)

sean lee acl injury

It’s bad enough that NFL teams lose players during training camp and preseason games. But now they’re losing them during “organized team activities” too?  This is getting ridiculous.

The latest high-profile but totally unnecessary injury occurred yesterday, on day one of the Cowboys’ offseason practices. Middle linebacker Sean Lee fell awkwardly while being blocked by rookie guard Zack Martin and tore his ACL. Now he’s out for the 2014 season. And it’s not even June.

Take a look:

The Cowboys are going to feel this one, too. In 2011, Lee led the Cowboys in tackles, and in 2012 he finished fourth despite playing only six games. For that reason, the Cowboys gave him a huge $51 million extension just last summer, and were rewarded with a stellar performance from Lee in 2013. When he was on the field the Cowboys allowed a touchdown every 24.1 plays. When he was not on the field they allowed a touchdown every 19.0 plays—which works out to an extra touchdown per game.

The thing is, every time an NFL player steps out onto the field, there is a chance for a season-ending injury. You would think, therefore, that teams would want to minimize the number of times a player has to step out onto the field. But no.

Have fun playing the 49ers, Saints, Seahawks, Redskins, and Colts without Sean Lee, Cowboys!


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