Cyclist Wins Race, Celebrates, Faceplants Into Pavement (Video)

cyclist eats road after winning race

On Monday, 18-year-old cyclist Noah Granigan learned a very important lesson: always keep victory celebrations to a minimum.

Granigan won the 2014 Tour of Somerville junior division on Memorial Day, and since he had a pretty decent-sized gap between himself and the second place cyclist, he raised his hands emphatically as he crossed the finish line.

The celebration was not premature. Granigan won the race and avoided that particular embarrassment. However, when he raised his hands up he lost control of his bike and crashed face-first into to pavement, sliding a good 20 feet along the road on his stomach until coming to a complete stop. So it definitely constituted a celebration fail.

Take a look:

You gotta love the commentary at the 0:06 mark, because it’s true. At least he won.

Plus, I bet he won’t ever celebrate a victory that emphatically again.

Hat Tip – [Fittish]


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