Dean Potter Takes Dog BASE Jumping (Video)

BASE Jumping Dog

Dean Potter is famous for his stunts and ascents, including BASE jumps. But his latest stunt involves him taking a partner along for his antics, and not a human one.

It’s his dog, who’s being billed as the “World’s First Wingsuit BASE Jumping Dog” by a new video from Potter.

The video is called “When Dogs Fly,” with the addition of the aforementioned subtitle, but that’s a little bit misleading since it isn’t as if the dog is BASE jumping on its own (I’m pretty sure that would definitely qualify as animal abuse if it did happen).

The video might be a tough watch if you’re a particularly sensitive dog lover, but if you can get through it, it’s pretty cool. You can check it out for yourself below—you might also want to show it to your dog the next time it complains that you’re not walking it enough.

Here it is:



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