Florida Fisherbro Catches Extremely Rare and Endangered Sawfish Right on the Beach (Video)

saw fish caught by dustin richter in florida copy

When my poker nights end early, it’s usually because I’ve lost all my money and the snacks are all gone. Then I go home.

When Dustin Richter’s poker night ended early on the night of May 25, it was because he and his buddies decided to go fishing instead. Then they landed a 500-pound, 11-foot sawfish.

Clearly I do not live in Florida.

Anyway, back to this sawfish. Richter and his buddies had their lines out for about an hour and were about to give up when he got something. At first he thought it was four or five feet long, but after about a half hour they got a glimpse and realized they had something much bigger.

Finally, after two hours, the bros managed to get the thing onto the beach. However, when they realized they were dealing with an extremely endangers species—and also one that could easily slice them to bits—they decided to snap some pics and release it.

Here’s one of those pics:

rare sawfish caught on florida beach

And here’s a video, courtesy of ABC News:

ABC US News | ABC International News

I hope you enjoyed the 45 seconds of witty banter by the anchors. I know I sure did.

Hat Tip – [People]


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