Former Bills QB Jim Kelly Celebrates Last Day of Chemo with Giant Pep Rally (Video)

Jim Kelly

The legendary Buffalo Bills QB Jim Kelly faced a lot of challenges in his playing days, but none like those during his lengthy battle with cancer. Kelly, having fought the disease once, suffered a recurrence, and has once again weathered the storm of chemotherapy.

This time, he had a lot of help from his friends and, judging from the turnout, probably some people he didn’t even know at all.

His wife posted this pretty awesome pic on her Instagram account earlier today:

If that’s not enough to get the Rocky music going in your head, maybe a spirit line full of fans wearing “Kelly Tough” t-shirts will do the trick.

Take a look at the video here:

There’s no fun way to fight cancer, and many people don’t get to enjoy the same outpouring support that a former pro athlete like Jim Kelly might, but hopefully cancer sufferers, survivors, and all those affected can draw on the energy and hope demonstrated here.

Good luck, Jim, and congrats on getting through the chemo.


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