Rangers Goon Derek Dorsett Snows Kid, Headbutts Mike Weaver, Is All-Around Douche (GIFs)

derek dorsett headbutts mike weaver

It would be easy to look at the score of Game 5 between the Rangers and Canadiens last night and assume the former’s Derek Dorsett was acting like a goon toward the end because the Canadiens were up 7-4. After all, most lopsided playoff games end with goonery, with the losing squad trying to set the tone for the next game.

However, Dorsett actually is a goon, and in this case, Dorsett was being himself long before the outcome had been determined.

It started with the pre-game skate prior to the national anthem, when Dorsett gave one of the cute little kids carrying a Canadiens flag a snow shower. Sure, the kid was probably just collateral damage. Dorsett was trying to get one of the Canadiens players. But still, come on, dude.

derek dorsett sprays little kid with snow

Later Dorsett escalated his douchery. At the end of the game, the Rangers goon got in the face of Montreal defenseman Mike Weaver…and headbutted him.

derek dorsett headbutts mike weaver

I don’t know if the league will suspend Dorsett for this, but I’m pretty sure they’ll at least make him fork over a good chunk of change.

I’d tell Derek Dorsett to stay classy, but what’s the point?

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]


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