Rapping Grandpa Asking LeBron to Come Back to Cleveland Is Both Hilarious and Painful (Video)

rapping grandpa song about lebron james

Four years ago this July, LeBron James went on national television to publicly announced that he was dumping his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, and the reaction was not mixed. Cleveland sports fans slung invectives at him on social media and took to the streets to burn his jersey in effigy. The Miami Heat became the most hated sports team in America.

However, it turns out that the crap your mom told you when you got dumped by that chick in high school was actually true. Time does heal all wounds.

It began last year as murmurs. Maybe Cleveland would actually welcome LeBron James back. Then that kid ran out onto the court last march with “2014 COME BACK” written on his t-shirt, officially putting the idea out there. And pretty soon, members of the media (and blogosphere) started rumbling about it.

Now it’s all out in the open. Cleveland fans do want LeBron back. They forgive him. They know it was all their fault.

So what are they doing to reach out to the basketball superstar and let him know he’s welcome back at Quicken Loans Arena? Well, at least one Cleveland fan has decided to make a rap video about it. His name is Grandpa M, and he is terrible.

Take a look:

That’s right. “Hey Lebron, we want you back / It aint no smack / And those who don’t must be high on crack.”

It’s gonna be pretty tough for LeBron to turn Cleveland down when he hears that…though if anybody can do it, he can.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]


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