Russell Westbrook Brought His A+ Game and an Extra Dose of Swag to Game 4 Last Night (GIFs + Video)

russell westbrook game 4 performance scream

Kevin Durant may be the MVP of the league, but the MVP of Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals was undoubtedly Russell Westbrook.

You probably read about all the stats already. However, the guy didn’t just throw down a 40-point, 10-assist, five-rebound, five-steal, one-block performance. Westrbrook threw it down with an extra helping of swag, because he was on fire and he absolutely knew it.

Seriously, there were dunks followed by howls:

There were three-pointers followed by pimp struts:

There were dunks followed by menacing stares:

And there were emphatic rejections in which the ball was sent five rows into the stands.

Well, okay, there was just one of those:

The point is, last night Russell Westbrook looked like a top-three player in the NBA. History suggest he won’t be able to maintain that intensity into the next game, but if he does the Spurs will have big problems.

Stay tuned.

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