The 20 Hottest Women Ever Photographed with Johnny Manziel

johnny manziel with hot chicks

There are a lot of perks to being Johnny Manziel right now, the biggest being that multi-million dollar contract he’s eventually going to sign with the Cleveland Browns.

However, in second place right behind the millions of dollars are the women. And I don’t just mean the chicks he actually “dates,” either. Everywhere this kid goes, hot women just walk right up to him, start conversations, and ask to have their photo taken with him. That’s like being out fishing, and all the big fish are jumping in your boat—which is to say, it’s amazing. 

Today, we’re going to give you a little sense of just how awesome it is to be Johnny Manziel by ranking the 20 hottest women with whom he’s ever been photographed. We don’t how many he “sealed the deal” with, but you can bet it has happened on more than one occasion—especially since one of the women on this list was actually his official girlfriend.

Ready? Let the envy begin…


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