Bird Narrowly Avoids Getting Blown Up By a Pitch in Padres-DBacks Game

Bird in front of pitch

Even though Randy Johnson made an example of one to show what happens when birds interfere with professional baseball (video available at bottom of page), it seems that these dense creatures continue to have no sense of their own mortality.

In last night’s Padres-Diamondbacks game, a bird nonchalantly breezed in front of a Chase Anderson pitch, unknowingly putting itself between a bullet and a target.

The Padres’ Seth Smith, very aware that some bad shit was about to go down, called time at the last possible second. Then the ump, in typical dramatic umpire fashion, called time, but not before the pitch was thrown.  Fortunately, the bird was able to avoid the 89 mph pitch—good news for the bird, bad news for the sportswriters who wish they had a video clip of an exploding bird to sexy up this story.

The bird, having no idea how close it came to a public and gruesome death, just proceeded to strut around and cluck like an idiot on the pitch afterward.

Here’s the video of the narrowly-avoided atrocity:

And, as promised, here’s a clip of Sudden Aviary Death Syndrome, coming at the hands of none other than The Big Unit, Mr. Randy Johnson:


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