Chilean Miners Give Epic Pep Talk to Chilean Soccer Team in New World Cup Commerical…for a Bank (Video)

chilean miners commercial

You probably could have guessed that soccer is a big deal in Chile, just like it is pretty much everywhere else in South America. However, in case you don’t fully grasp the cultural significance of the sport in that part of the globe, this commercial for the Bank of Chile should drive the point home.

It features 32 of the 33 Chilean miners trapped for 69 days back in 2010 after the Copiapó mining accident. They stand together, arms wrapped around each other, while one of their own delivers a pep talk to the national soccer team about the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

The gist of the impassioned speech? “Nothing is impossible for a Chilean,” so go out and win the whole damn thing.

Take a look for yourself. The commercial is in Spanish, but you don’t need to understand the language to grasp what is going on.

The story of the these miners captivated the world in 2010, and their rescue was a seminal moment in Chilean history. Some might say that using their story in a commercial for a bank to get people excited about soccer is in poor taste. But I think, when it comes to the miners, you have to let them decide what is and is not in poor taste. And they all wanted to be in this commercial in an attempt to inspire the national soccer team.

That says a lot.

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