Johnny Damon Exacts Revenge on Manny Ramirez, Intercepts Ceremonial First Pitch (Videos)

damon intercepts manny ramierez

This season marks the 10th anniversary of the Boston Red Sox’s incredible run to the 2004 World Series Championship that ended their 86-year championship drought.  And on Wednesday night, the franchise commemorated the occasion by reuniting that team for “Idiots Night” at Fenway.

Now, for those of you who don’t remember 2004 like it was yesterday (man I’m old), that team had a bunch of eccentric characters and an extremely loose clubhouse culture, and sometimes their playing style was a little unorthodox. So when Johnny Damon and Kevin Millar lovingly referred to the team as the idiots, the nickname stuck.

Want an example of idiots baseball? Well the best example, without a doubt, is “The Interception.” Behold:

This was probably the only time Manny Ramirez ever dove for a ball in the outfield, and it was to cut off a throw from Damon that might have prevented an inside-the-park home run.

That’s idiots baseball in a nutshell. So it was only fitting that, on “Idiots Night” at Fenway, Johnny Damon exacted some revenge for The Interception during the ceremonial first pitch:

You don’t see that every day, huh?

Well done, idiots.

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