Kids Were Slapping Each Other to Stay Awake During Double Overtime at Hawks-Kings Game 5 (GIFs)

blackhawks kid slapping another blackhawks kid

There’s nothing better than overtime in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. That being said, if your team makes a deep run, it can start to take a toll on you after a while. Staying up late on a work night is fine once in a while, but doing it several times a week for six weeks will turn you into an over-caffeinated zombie.

Of course, at least we adults can drink coffee to keep us awake. Little kids don’t drink coffee, so if they want to stay up late to see the end of an overtime hockey game, they’ve got to resort to some extreme measures to keep themselves awake.

Such was the case last night in Chicago. The Blackhawks were on the brink of elimination, down 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals to the Kings, but they managed to tie Game 5 in the third period and send it to overtime. Then nobody scored in the first overtime, so they went to double overtime. And kids in the stands were slapping each other to stay awake.

blackhawks kid slap

But hey, it was all worth it in the end when those kids got to see Michael Handzus do this two minutes into the second OT:

handzus double overtime winner

Playoff hockey: it’s totally worth the sleep deprivation.


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