Nigerian Soccer Keeper Throws the Ball Into His Own Net, Sparking Rumors of Match-Fixing (Video)

nigerian goalie match fixing own goal

The Premier League, Liga, and Champions League just wrapped up their 2013-14 seasons, and the 2014 FIFA World Cup is less than a month away. Under these circumstances, the international friendly between Nigeria (who is going to the World Cup) and Scotland (who is not) on Wednesday in London wouldn’t normally get that much attention from international sports media.

However, on Tuesday, just 24 hours before the match, the Scottish Football Association was warned by the National Crime Agency that the match might be targeted by match fixers. So some soccer fans were mildly interested.

Then this happened:

Either Nigerian goalkeeper Austin Ejide threw the goddamn ball into his own goddamn goal because he was in on a match fix conspiracy, or that was just a freak play and he is the unluckiest man alive.

Personally, I’m going with theory number one. I’m not much of a conspiracy nut, but I’m also a bit of an empiricist, and it’s hard not to believe my own eyes.

What do you think, oh wise internet?

Hat Tip – [Metro]


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