Brandon Prust and Derek Stepan Hug It Out in Post-Series Handshake Line (Video)

prust stepan handshake

The handshake line at the end of a Stanley Cup Playoffs series is one of the great traditions in all of sports, and here’s why.

You know that “hatred” players supposedly have for one another? It isn’t real. It’s a trick athletes play on themselves to get psyched up. Sports isn’t really life and death. In real life or death battles you would have the satisfaction of knowing, “hey, I killed that guy, so now he won’t kill my family.” In fake sports battles the only satisfaction you have is knowing you are better than others. And the better those others are, the better you are.

So when you display sportsmanship, you do two things: you prove you’re not a deranged psychopath by admitting it’s all just a game, and you validate your own achievement by acknowledging your opponent’s valor.

That’s why it was such a shame when Milan Lucic couldn’t be a grownup and control his emotions after the Habs ousted the Bruins from the playoffs. And that’s why it was totally awesome to see Brandon Prust and Derek Stepan hug it out last night in New York.

Prust broke Stepan’s jaw earlier in the series with a dirty open-ice hit. However, Prust expressed his sincere remorse and Stepan forgave his former teammate.

That’s sportsmanship, kids. Without it, there’s no point in even playing the game.


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