33 Classic Ceremonial First Pitches (GIFs)

ceremonial first pitch gifs

If it seems to you like there have been a number of noteworthy first pitches recently, you’re totally right. In the last few weeks alone we’ve seen a 101-year-old grandma, a major hip hop star, and a cat throw out the first pitch at professional baseball games. We’re basically living in the golden age of the ceremonial first pitch. And it is glorious.

Today, we’re going to celebrate this golden age with a list of the most amazing first pitch GIFs known to man (which is to say, that I could find using Google). Does it include GIFs of the first pitches I just referenced? You’re damn right it does. And it also includes 30 others that are notable for one reason or another. So lean forward, crinkle your brow like you’re analyzing an important spreadsheet or something so your boss doesn’t get suspicious, and take a look.


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