Another Postseason Game, Another Classic Press Conference from Gregg Popovich (Video)

gegg popovich press conference

If you are not familiar with the legend of San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, you should read this. It will get you all caught up. And actually, even if you know all about Coach Pop, you should read it, because it’s funny.

Go ahead. Read it right now. I’ll wait.


Okay, now that you’re in the loop, you can better appreciate last night’s press conference following San Antonio’s 117-89 rout of Oklahoma City.

You see, Pop was his usual self. He rolled his eyes and gave deadpan sarcastic answers when reporters asked silly questions, just like he always does. But what made this particular press conference special was the way one particular reporter handled himself. In a word, it was masterful. And Popovich loved it.

Have a look:

That right there is how you interact with Gregg Popovich. He’ll challenge you, and you could just laugh and wait for him to come around and answer your question. Or not answer it. But if you push back and challenge him, you’ll be rewarded.

Kudos, intrepid beat reporter. Kudos.


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