Boy in Wheelchair Shows Off Soccer Skills to Brazilian National Team (Video)

Wheelchair-Bound Team Brazil Fan Meets Team

The Brazilian national soccer team held a training session on Thursday, and they had a visitor who managed to impress all of them with his skills. It was 17-year-old Leonardo Marques Tome, who, as a result of his arthrogryposis, is confined to a wheelchair.  But he still has his way with a soccer ball.

The meeting between Leonardo Marques Tome and the Brazilian soccer team was orchestrated by Brazilian TV host Luciano Huck, and included the emotional reading of a letter by Tome about his love of soccer and his life up to this point. It was so emotional, in fact, that Brazil star Neymar was moved to tears.

Wheelchair-Bound Team Brazil Fan Meets Team

But it was another Brazilian soccer star who clocked the most quality time with Leonardo.

That would be David Luiz, who watched the kid sit on the ground and juggle a ball, a truly impressive feat that the player commemorated via Twitter:

You can see video of the meeting between the Brazilian national soccer team and Leonardo Marques Tome below:

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