England Fans Go Nuts After Paper Airplane From Top of Wembley Stadium Hits Peru Player (Video)

Paper Airplane Hits Hansell Riojas (Reuters / Eddie Keogh)

A good paper airplane is considered a marvel of engineering if it flies more than a few feet, but accuracy isn’t generally considered a high priority. That explains why everyone was so amazed at the paper airplane thrown from the top row at Wembley Stadium during Friday’s international friendly between England and Peru.

The paper plane somehow tracked a course from the highest point in the stadium all the way down to the field. That would have been impressive enough, but the plane wasn’t done, making its way to hitting Peru player Hansell Riojas square in the head.

There’s some speculation out there that the video is actually faked, and that the paper airplane that hit Riojas wasn’t actually the same one that was thrown in the YouTube video. You can see the video for yourself below and decide for yourself. Personally, I want to believe.

Here it is:

Hat Tip – [Reddit]



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