Florida Gators Baseball Team Pulls Hidden Baseball Trick (Video)

Gators' Hidden Ball Trick

When you read about baseball trick play, it’s usually either from a high school (or younger) game, or from a Disney movie or something. But over the weekend one of the top ranked teams in college baseball tried out a trick play, and it actually worked.

It came courtesy of the Florida Gators during a game against the College of Charleston Cougars, and the trick was of the simplest but most effective variety.

The Gators’ shortstop Richie Martin had the ball hidden in his glove while pitcher Logan Shore stooped down to tie his shoe. Nick Pappas of Charleston idly took his foot off of second base, when he was promptly tagged out by Martin. It was a perfectly executed trick play, one that had the added benefit of making someone on the opposing team feel like an idiot.

Even though Florida ended up losing to Charleston, 3-2, they’ll always remember the time they pulled the old hidden ball trick, captured on video for all time.

You can watch that video for yourself below.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]



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