Watch Lance Stephenson Blow on Kevin Durant, Force a Turnover (Video)

Lance Stephenson blow on KD

Kevin Durant‘s slip that resulted in a turnover with only 18 seconds remaining in regulation and his team trailing by one during Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals didn’t quite cost his Thunder the victory, but it didn’t help them either.

You see, had Durant and the Thunder scored a basket on the play, they could have taken the lead and put the pressure on the Spurs with 10 seconds or so remaining on the clock.

What happened instead was Durant lost the ball, Manu Ginobili was fouled and made one of his two free-throws, giving the Spurs the two-point lead, and the Thunder were only able to tie the game and bring it to overtime, where they would eventually lose by a score of 112-107.

So yeah, Durant’s fall in the offensive end with time winding down in regulation may not be the sole reason that the Thunder lost the game (and the series), but it certainly didn’t help their cause.  And because the play came at such an important time of the game and had somewhat of an effect on the outcome, we can’t help but wonder what may have caused the 2014 NBA MVP to fall at such a crucial moment.

What’s my theory?  I’d say Lance Stephenson blowing on Durant had something to do with it, and the Vine below seems to agree with me.

Check it out:


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