Let’s All Laugh at Americans Saying Funny Stuff About the World Cup (Video)

americans say funny stuff about world cup

If this video just had Americans displaying their ignorance about soccer, it wouldn’t be that funny. If the dude just walked up and asked his questions and people were like, “you know, I actually have no idea,” this wouldn’t be on the internet. They’d have taken a look at the footage and then just deleted it.

But this video isn’t about ignorance. It’s about a certain kind of ignorance. Sure, some of the people stopped on the streets of New York just say they have no idea, and they’re funny in their own way. But the funniest parts are when the guy—Baha Salamah—finds folks who pretend like they know what they are talking about, when they actually have no clue.

In that regard, the two boners in the Real Madrid jerseys are easily the stars of the show. However, a couple of otherwise knowledgeable American soccer fans also tried to fake it when asked questions they didn’t know. And it’s pretty awkward. (Hint: Garreth Bale is from Wales, and Wales is not in the World Cup.)

Take a look:

Funny? Yeah, I guess. But I’m also kind of offended. We Americans would never laugh at foreigners because they don’t know anything about one of our sports. Come on!


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