Japanese Soccer Team Tries To Boost Their ‘Attendance’ with Half-Assed Cardboard Cutouts (Photo)

J-League cardboard fans

Anyone who subscribed to the common wisdom that the Japanese are a meticulous, hard-working bunch had best avert their eyes.

The J-League Division One team Omiya Ardija presumably decided that their attendance could use a little boost, so they crammed a bunch of cardboard cutouts into one section, then had them photographed. 

It’s unclear whether this was an intentional commentary on the attendance more than it was a possible solution. I mean, who is this fooling? Aside, of course, from the one on the left with the two eyes and the smile. That one looks just like a buddy of mine. But the other ones are crap.

And in case the stadium officials thought that this would just come and go without incident, here’s a slightly panned-back pic that proves approximately one billion people spotted the gaffe and were documenting it with cameras.

Japan cardboard cutout fans

May I suggest some sort of souvenir night to boost attendance next time?

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]



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