Brazilian Soccer Club Asks Fans to Sign Organ Donor Cards, Transplant Wait List Goes to Zero (Video)

sport club recife organ donar immortal fan campaign

In case you needed any more proof that soccer is life and death in Brazil, just consider this.

Two years ago, soccer team Sport Club Recife started a campaign asking their fans to sign organ donor cards. Since then, the organ transplant waiting list in Recife has gone to zero, and the number of heart transplants performed in the surrounding state of Pernambuco has quadrupled.

So in other words, the team says “donate your organs,” and the people donated their organs. It’s pretty damn incredible.

Recife isn’t some small town where there are just a handful of organ transplant patients, either. The city proper has 1.5 million people, and the metropolitan area has 3.7 million, making it the fifth largest in Brazil. So this is a pretty big deal.

The campaign is called “Immortal Fans.” It basically consists of a TV spot asking fans to sign up for a “sport donor” card at the stadium.  So far, 66,000 have done so.

Take a look at this:

Well done, SCR.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]


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